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Lily is waiting for your call

Poor Lily had been run over by a car that didn’t stop. She had lain in the gutter for so long that maggots were hatching in her wounds. 
Thankfully, she was at last seen by a passing animal lover who tried to lift her but she was in too much pain. She contacted Abbey Vets at Chaddesden who sent a nurse out in their ambulance to collect her. There is no doubt that Lily wouldn’t have lasted much longer in that dreadful condition.
The vet contacted Derby and District branch of Cats Protection to say that she had received severe life threatening injuries and was so ill, he doubted that she could be saved but it was decided to give her a chance. She had major surgery to fix her shattered pelvis then all her wounds were cleaned and stitched up.  Whilst recouperating, another big problem showed up - she was found to have a hernia caused by a tear in her diaphragm so off to surgery again. After this, the vet himself took the cat home as he wanted to keep an eye on her overnight. 
Jane Baynton, volunteer with the Derby and District branch, said: “Lily would not be here now if it wasn’t for the swift actions and professional skill of Clive McPherson, the vet at Abbey Veterinary Group. We are extremely grateful to him as, without all his care and hard work, Lily would never have survived.  He says she’s about used up all of her 9 lives and it’s a miracle she is with us!”
Lily, a young, sleek black beauty, is now doing really well and ready to be rehomed to a very special home. All this trauma should not hinder Lily from leading a normal, healthy life. Can you give her that very special home she needs?
For more information on Lily, please phone the Catline (voicemail) on 01332 206956; leave your name, telephone number and a short message saying that you’re calling about Lily and our Homing Officer will ring you back. 
Hello – my name is Dave

Dave is a lovely ginger neutered male cat who just loves being around humans. He is very eager to make friends and just loves affection and gives lots of appreciative purrs in return.  

It seems he has been a stray for sometime now and is well known in the area where he was picked up as he has been busily following folks in the hope that they might make him part of their family. One lady has been particularly kind and has gone out of her way to try to find out where he actually lived, unfortunately that hasn’t worked and he doesn’t have a microchip. Sadly as much as she likes him, he can’t stay with her because she has a dog who is not so keen!

She has also been feeding him very regularly and became concerned because, despite his big appetite, he seemed to be losing weight so Derby Branch of Cats Protection took him to the vets to get him checked over.   

Well, it seems he has an overactive thyroid which is fairly common in older moggies but it can be controlled with medication. So, although he is no spring chicken, he is feeling so much better now that he is taking his medication.


For more information on Dave, please phone the Catline (voicemail) on 01332 206956; leave your name, telephone number and a short message saying that you’re calling about Dave and our Homing Officer will ring you back. 

Milo is waiting to hear from you

Milo is a 5 year old black boy who, somewhere along the line, has lost his tail but it doesn’t seem to bother him. Nevertheless, he is a handsome lad who always comes to greet you and enjoys a certain amount of fuss but always goes back to his bed when he’s had enough. He is quite agile around his pen and is now starting to become a bit more playful.  
When Milo was picked up by us, he was scanned by the vet for a microchip and we were very excited to find that he had been chipped.  However, despite an intensive search, firstly at the address given and through the local Housing Association, Facebook and our website, no trace has been found of his previous owner.

Milo is neutered and inoculated and would make an excellent pet for someone who maybe has recently lost a cat and doesn’t want to start again with a kitten.  It should also be mentioned that he is not generally happy being around other cats.

Anyone who wishes to discuss adopting Milo is asked to contact the Branch’s Catline on 01332 206956 (voicemail) leaving your name, telephone number and a short message for the attention of Homing Officer.

Meet Jessie, Woody, Star and StormJESSIE

This family of mum, dad and two kittens are looking for new homes. The owner’s mother has had a stroke so she has gone to live with her. Unfortunately, she hasn’t taken them with her so they are having to fend for themselves.  Thankfully they are being fed by some very kind neighbours.  

The kittens are about three months old and the parents are about three years. The adults will be neutered/spayed, microchipped and inoculated prior to rehoming.  They need not be homed together but it would be nice if they could be rehomed in pairs. 




For more information on this family, please phone the Catline (voicemail) on 01332 206956; leave your name, telephone number and a short message and our Homing Officer will ring you back. 

Challenge Cats
Each year, the Branch takes in many rescue cats and kittens into our foster homes. Some of these cats may have been abandoned, been living as strays or due to personal circumstances their owners are no longer able to care for them. Without any exceptions, our foster homes are always full. As soon as the cats in our care are fit and healthy enough for re-homing, we pass them to the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Long Lane (Telephone 01332 824950), where many cats are awaiting a new home.

Rural and Farm Placements Eagerly Wanted
The Derby and District Branch covers a wide and diverse area from the inner city areas of Derby City to the rural settings surrounding. We have a number of cats which need to be re-homed to rural areas such as a farm, small holding or a home in a rural setting. These cats are not domesticated and though some of them may come to trust humans more and more it would not be in their best interests to home them in an urban setting. They would be ideally suited to a rural home where they could live in an outdoor shelter and even work as 'mousers' but with an owner feeding them and looking out for their welfare. These cats would all be neutered, treated for fleas, wormed and inoculated against flu and enteritis. If you are interested in homing such a group of cats, please phone our Cat-Line number 01332 206956 and leave a message and we will get in touch to discuss your needs and answer any queries. In the meantime, you may find the Cats Protection leaflet on Farm Cats useful.

The Long Lane Adoption Centre.
Please contact the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Long Lane (Click here for web site or telephone 01332 824950) where many cats are awaiting a new home.

There are currently no cats available here.

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please call us on 01332 206956