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Adoption or Rehoming

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Adopt a cat

Can you cheer up Duggie and Lily?
Over the years, Derby and District Branch of Cats Protection has homed hundreds of cats and kittens. Most only stay for a few weeks before happily going to a new home. But some – the old, ugly, nervous, disabled and sickly – join a growing band of animals which nobody wants. Through no fault of their own, they are not chosen to be part of a family. Duggie and Lily find themselves in this category.

Their owner has been evicted and we are in a situation where these two cats are now homeless and need to be rehomed together as soon as possible. Lily (right) is a 10 year old black girl (with a few white hairs on her chest) who is so loving and affectionate. She’s all over you when you’re trying to do something and loves nothing better than sitting on your lap.

DUGGIEDuggie (left) is a 12 year old tabby and is the more independent of the two, although still very affectionate. Their photos do not do them justice - they’re certainly not as miserable as they look!

They would make excellent pets for someone who maybe has recently lost a cat and doesn’t want to start again with a kitten. They are both neutered, inoculated and microchipped. As they’ve lived all their lives as a pair, they must be homed together.
For more information on Duggie and Lily, please phone the Catline (voicemail) on 01332 206956 leave your name, telephone number and a short message saying that you’re calling about Duggie and Lily and our Homing Officer will ring you back or you can email us at enquiries@derbydistrictcp.org.uk - they're waiting for your call.

Hi, I'm Super Ted!!

Super Ted is a very handsome, two year old black cat with a lovely glossy coat. His spirit of adventure led him rather too far and he was found trapped by a wall which caused some nerve damage to his right back leg and an injury to his tail causing loss of fur. He was taken to the vets and, after some physio on his back leg and treatment to clean the skin on his tail, he’s now doing very well and it’s not anticipated that he’ll have any further problems due to this. 

He endeared himself to all the vet staff by his habit of reaching a paw through the mesh in his pen trying to gain attention whenever anyone passed by. He also seemed to show an interest in making friends with other cats and hasn’t shown aggression to his fosterer’s cats.

His experiences have not slowed him down at all and he still loves to climb up to inaccessible places and chase his toys from one end of the room to the other. He doesn’t yet sit on a lap but he’s very friendly and confident and enjoys fuss and attention. Ted is very clean in his habits and is eating well.

Thank you for reading about me – purrs from Ted xx

For more information on Ted, please phone the Catline (voicemail) on 01332 206956 and leave your name, telephone number and a short message saying that you’re calling about Ted and our Homing Officer will ring you back, or email us on enquiries@derbydistrictcp.org.uk

My name is Oliver and I need a special home

Oliver is a lovely neutered male tabby. He is a polydactyl cat – meaning he has extra toes which look like thumbs. In fact, he has extra toes on three of his four feet! He is a very friendly chap and was probably considered pretty handsome in his youth.

He was found by an elderly gentleman who was concerned as although he was eating plenty, he was very thin. As he was already feeding three cats which appeared to have moved in with him over the years, he didn’t feel that he was able to look after another, especially one that looked to be a bit poorly. Like Oliver, this lovely chap was no spring chicken and Oliver was very sad when he had to leave.

But the nice folks from the Derby Branch of Cats Protection took him to the vet to get checked over and it seems that his problems are down to an overactive thyroid which is a fairly common thing in older moggies. So he has had a thyroidectomy and some dental treatment and is feeling much better now. 

Sadly, it often takes a while for the golden oldies to be rehomed. What he really needs is somewhere with a lap and a comfy chair to enjoy the rest of his retirement. Oliver would suit someone who would love a cat but doesn’t want to start again with a young kitten.

Oliver is waiting for your call - anyone who wishes to discuss adopting Oliver is asked to contact the Branch’s Cat-Line on 01332 206956 (voicemail) leaving your name, telephone number and a short message for the attention of the Homing Officer or contact enquiries@derbydistrictcp.org.uk 

Challenge Cats.
Each year, the Branch takes in many rescue cats and kittens into our foster homes. Some of these cats may have been abandoned, been living as strays or due to personal circumstances their owners are no longer able to care for them. Without any exceptions, our foster homes are always full. As soon as the cats in our care are fit and healthy enough for re-homing, we pass them to the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Long Lane (Telephone 01332 824950), where many cats are awaiting a new home.

Rural and Farm Placements Eagerly Wanted
The Derby and District Branch covers a wide and diverse area from the inner city areas of Derby City to the rural settings surrounding. We have a number of cats which need to be re-homed to rural areas such as a farm, small holding or a home in a rural setting. These cats are not domesticated and though some of them may come to trust humans more and more it would not be in their best interests to home them in an urban setting. They would be ideally suited to a rural home where they could live in an outdoor shelter and even work as 'mousers' but with an owner feeding them and looking out for their welfare. These cats would all be neutered, treated for fleas, wormed and inoculated against flu and enteritis. If you are interested in homing such a group of cats, please phone our Cat-Line number 01332 206956 and leave a message and we will get in touch to discuss your needs and answer any queries. In the meantime, you may find the Cats Protection leaflet on Farm Cats useful.

The Long Lane Adoption Centre.
Please contact the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Long Lane (Click here for web site or telephone 01332 824950) where many cats are awaiting a new home.

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Adoption or Rehoming
At the top of the 'Adopt a Cat' page you will find details of male and female kittens and adult cats which have recently come into our care and are in...
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