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Can you offer any of these cats currently in our care the 'forever' homes they need?

"Hello, we are Buffy, Fizz and Harley"

These 3 month old adorable kittens came into Cats Protection care from a house in Winster.  The owner has kept their mother but wasn’t able to keep all the kittens. 


Buffy is a very sweet female kitten with an all over pale ginger coat. She’s the most affectionate of the three and loves to sit on your lap and be fussed.  She loves to play and is particularly keen on chasing a ping-pong ball around their pen. She’s a bit of an explorer and can often be found climbing up to see what she can find.


Fizz is a lively little female, mainly white with pale ginger spots.  The vet described the colouring as champagne, hence the name Fizz but it could also refer to the fact that she’s bursting with energy!  She’s a very confident and outgoing kitten, generally the first one to emerge from her bed to see what’s going on and often the first one to attempt new activities.


The only boy of the group, Harley is white with brighter ginger markings. He’s a very active little boy and loves to chase around (sometimes in pursuit of his sisters, although they put him in his place when he gets too boisterous). When he’s tired out from all the activity, he does enjoy a little quiet time on a lap.

They have all been de-flea’d and wormed and have had their first vaccination.  The Branch will pay for their full vaccinations, microchipping and neutering; however these costs are included in the adoption fee.  They’re all comfortable around people and always use their litter tray.

Please note: Flats without gardens are not suitable for young kittens.  The branch does not home young kittens to families with children under 5. We also don't home single young kittens to people who work full time (would have to be a pair or an older cat).

If you can offer a permanent loving home to one or all of these beautiful kittens and would like to find out more, contact our Cat Line on 01332 206956 (voicemail) leaving your name, address and telephone number, mentioning you are calling about Buffy, Fizz and/or Harley and our Homing Officer will ring you back to arrange a home visit; or email us on enquiries@derbydistrictcp.org.uk   Adoption fees apply. 


Out of Work Mousers Looking for Employment Opportunities


Cats Protection’s Derby and District Branch is currently offering the purr-fect solution to individuals and businesses in need of an environmentally-friendly pest control service. A kind elderly lady has been caring for nine of these beautiful farmers’ friends for a number of years but the time has come when she feels we need to move them on to pastures new. 
They are all aged between two and four years old and are neutered/spayed. We are now seeking suitable properties which may be the ideal environment for all of these cats, such as farms, riding stables, or smallholdings. Houses with large gardens or which back onto a golf course, woods etc. would also be their idea of heaven! We would like to home them in threes as they are used to each other’s company.
In the first instance, the new owner would need to supply them with a safe, secure outhouse/shed/stable where they can be contained for about two weeks, with regular meals, a comfortable, warm bed and a litter tray. After this two week period indoors to get used to their new surroundings, they can then be released, returning to the outhouse/shed only for their food and shelter. They would then repay their new owner as fit and healthy vermin controllers.  
Branch volunteers would take on the job of settling them into their new home, providing bedding and a litter tray - although ultimately the new owner would be responsible for the cost of their food and welfare.
Have you got room for some of these cats?  If so, please ring Jane Baynton on our Cat-Line on 01332 206956 (voicemail), leaving your name, telephone number and a short message mentioning you are calling about the farm cats/ferals and our Homing Officer will ring you back to arrange a visit; or email us on enquiries@derbydistrictcp.org.uk 

Challenge Cats
Each year, the Branch takes in many rescue cats and kittens into our foster homes. Some of these cats may have been abandoned, been living as strays or due to personal circumstances their owners are no longer able to care for them. Without any exceptions, our foster homes are always full. As soon as the cats in our care are fit and healthy enough for re-homing, we pass them to the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Long Lane (Telephone 01332 824950), where many cats are awaiting a new home.

Rural and Farm Placements Eagerly Wanted
The Derby and District Branch covers a wide and diverse area from the inner city areas of Derby City to the rural settings surrounding. We have a number of cats which need to be re-homed to rural areas such as a farm, small holding or a home in a rural setting. These cats are not domesticated and though some of them may come to trust humans more and more it would not be in their best interests to home them in an urban setting. They would be ideally suited to a rural home where they could live in an outdoor shelter and even work as 'mousers' but with an owner feeding them and looking out for their welfare. These cats would all be neutered, treated for fleas, wormed and inoculated against flu and enteritis. If you are interested in homing such a group of cats, please phone our Cat-Line number 01332 206956 and leave a message and we will get in touch to discuss your needs and answer any queries. In the meantime, you may find the Cats Protection leaflet on Farm Cats useful.

The Long Lane Adoption Centre.
Please contact the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Long Lane (Click here for web site or telephone 01332 824950) where many cats are awaiting a new home.


There are currently no cats available here.

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 01332 206956