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2014 Christmas Fair

2014 Christmas Fair

The 2014 Christmas Fair and Quality Raffle ...

Where there's a will....

Where there's a will....

Where there’s a will…there’s a cat ...

Annual Stall and Street Collection

Annual Stall and Street Collection

The stall held in Derby on 23 August did very...

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They call me Mr Mischief

MR MISCHIEFThe best name we could think of for this kitten is Mr Mischief and whoever takes him on will have their hands full. He is very playful, friendly and extremely entertaining. He wants to be into everything you do. He will follow you around everywhere, try to eat your dinner and walk all over your computer keys. He thinks everyone has been put on this earth just to play with him and keep him amused!    

He was found in Sunnyhill and was wearing a collar so someone has owned him but no one has come forward to claim him. He is 4 months old and has been microchipped and vaccinated.  

Mr Mischief is waiting for your call - for more information, please phone the Catline (voicemail) on 01332 206956 and leave your name, telephone number and a short message saying that you’re calling about Mr Mischief and our Homing Officer will ring you back or email us at  

Hi, pleased to meet you, I'm Mokey
Mokey is looking for a new home. Unfortunately, this photo doesn’t do him justice. He looks so grumpy which he definitely is not. The fosterers looking after him say he gives everyone lots of kisses and cuddles. He just adores them and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be adored!

He’s a large and placid tabby and white, about two or three years old. He was found in a garden in Alfreton where he had been mooching around for about three weeks with a leg injury. Unfortunately, no owner has come forward for him. However, after a trip to the vets for neutering and a full MOT including getting his leg sorted out, he’s now fit and healthy and ready for his new home. He still has a slight limp but that is getting better by the day.  


For more information on Mokey, please phone the Catline (voicemail) on 01332 206956 and leave your name, telephone number and a short message saying that you’re calling about Mokey and our Homing Officer will ring you back, or you can email us at 

Hi there, we're Morse and Marple

MORSE AND MARPLEThese two adorable 14 week old white kittens with beautiful black markings were rescued by a Cats Protection volunteer following a call for help from a Derby resident. They came from a group of stray mother cats who decided to have their many kittens in someone's garden. They were infested with fleas and ticks and were obviously very thin with badly infected eyes, so were taken straight to a vet for treatment where they stayed for nine days. They are now being cared for by a Derby Branch volunteer fosterer and have grown into strong, healthy kittens.

Morse (named for his thoughtful attitude and the dot-dot-dash on his back and tail!) and his pretty sister Marple (who else?!) are very affectionate, sociable cats, quick to purr and cuddle, confident and playful. They would be equally happy in a busy family home or providing excellent companionship for someone living alone or working from home. They mix well with other cats and have met dogs and ferrets without any fear. They are perfect users of a litter tray, very clean, and haven't destroyed anything in their enthusiastic games! They have been vaccinated and microchipped. 

It would be ideal if Morse and Marple could be homed together, safely away from busy roads. If you can offer a permanent loving home to these beautiful cats, please contact our Cat Line on 01332 206956 (voicemail) or email leaving your name, address and telephone number, quoting reference "GCH 357a and b", and a volunteer will call you back to meet the kittens and arrange a home visit.


Hello - my name is Dave

Dave is a lovely ginger neutered male cat who just loves being around humans. He is very eager to make friends and just loves affection and gives lots of appreciative purrs in return.  

It seems he has been a stray for sometime now and is well known in the area where he was picked up as he has been busily following folks in the hope that they might make him part of their family. One lady has been particularly kind and has gone out of her way to try to find out where he actually lived, unfortunately that hasn’t worked and he doesn’t have a microchip. Sadly as much as she likes him, he can’t stay with her because she has a dog who is not so keen!

She has also been feeding him very regularly and became concerned because, despite his big appetite, he seemed to be losing weight so Derby Branch of Cats Protection took him to the vets to get him checked over.   

Well, it seems he has an overactive thyroid which is fairly common in older moggies but it can be controlled with medication. So, although he is no spring chicken, he is feeling so much better now that he is taking his medication.


For more information on Dave, please phone the Catline (voicemail) on 01332 206956; leave your name, telephone number and a short message saying that you’re calling about Dave and our Homing Officer will ring you back. 

Challenge Cats.
Each year, the Branch takes in many rescue cats and kittens into our foster homes. Some of these cats may have been abandoned, been living as strays or due to personal circumstances their owners are no longer able to care for them. Without any exceptions, our foster homes are always full. As soon as the cats in our care are fit and healthy enough for re-homing, we pass them to the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Long Lane (Telephone 01332 824950), where many cats are awaiting a new home.

Rural and Farm Placements Eagerly Wanted
The Derby and District Branch covers a wide and diverse area from the inner city areas of Derby City to the rural settings surrounding. We have a number of cats which need to be re-homed to rural areas such as a farm, small holding or a home in a rural setting. These cats are not domesticated and though some of them may come to trust humans more and more it would not be in their best interests to home them in an urban setting. They would be ideally suited to a rural home where they could live in an outdoor shelter and even work as 'mousers' but with an owner feeding them and looking out for their welfare. These cats would all be neutered, treated for fleas, wormed and inoculated against flu and enteritis. If you are interested in homing such a group of cats, please phone our Cat-Line number 01332 206956 and leave a message and we will get in touch to discuss your needs and answer any queries. In the meantime, you may find the Cats Protection leaflet on Farm Cats useful.

The Long Lane Adoption Centre.
Please contact the Cats Protection Adoption Centre at Long Lane (Click here for web site or telephone 01332 824950) where many cats are awaiting a new home.

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