Welcome to the Derby and District branch of Cats Protection.

At the top of the 'Adopt a Cat'page you will find details of male and female kittens and adult cats which have recently come into our care and are in need of loving homes. 
We also have a 'Direct Rehoming Service' for cats whose owners, for whatever unfortunate reason, are no longer able to care for them and are trying to find new homes.

Cats Protection’s Derby and District Branch is currently offering the purr-fect solution to individuals and businesses in need of an environmentally-friendly pest control service.
ATTENTION ALL CAT OWNERS - Cats Protection is offering to neuter/spay your cat for just £10 per animal.
If you are on a low income, please call our Catline on 01332 206956 or email enquiries@derbydistrictcp.org.uk and ask about our cost-assisted neuter voucher scheme.
CATTLE MARKETOur volunteers took an innovative approach recently by attending the Derby Cattle Market to distribute leaflets to the farmers about having their farm cats 'fixed'. The farming fraternity has always been a difficult area to get into but the volunteers are offering to humanely trap their cats, take them to the vets to be neutered/spayed/health-checked and returned to the farmers as healthy vermin catchers.They will be doing all this FREE OF CHARGE and in their own time with no disruption to the farmers' businesses. If anyone needs further information on neutering farm cats, they can contact our Catline on 01332 206956 or email enquiries@derbydistrictcp.org.uk

Derby Branch of Cats Protection recently had a call from a farm in Derbyshire to help control their ever-growing feral cat population. We were only too pleased to help – after all, this is what we do.
So off the volunteer fieldworkers went with humane traps and food to start the process. While surveying the job, one cat caught the eye of a trapper. It sat back somewhat from the rest of the pack and she just had a feeling that it didn’t ‘belong’. She gently went over to test the water and it didn’t run away – completely uncharacteristic behaviour for a feral cat. She was able to lift it into a cat basket and take it to the vet where it was checked for a microchip - always the first thing they do. Would you believe it was chipped, found to belong to someone only half an hour’s drive away, and had been missing for 13 months? Of course, the owners were more than delighted to get her back. They had tried everything to find her; posters, adverts etc. but to no avail so they had given up hope after all that time. 
Luckily, the Branch manages to reunite many cats fairly quickly with their owners as a result of them being microchipped. Most have only been missing for a relatively short time although we had one which was missing for three years and a cat reported found in January 2015 had been missing since 2013. There have been recent reports nationally of cats being reunited with grateful owners after five and seven years!
Of course, there’s a moral to this story. Can you guess?  Yes, it’s GET YOUR CATS MICROCHIPPED – and also remember to update the details if you move. We also, fortunately quite rarely, come across cats that are microchipped but we are unable to contact the owner as the address and phone number are out of date.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Christmas Fair on 15 November. The Fair raised £585.37 and the raffle, which was drawn by Anton Rippon, local author and Derby Telegraph columnist, raised £875. This amount will go a long way to help the cats in Derby and District.
Another great fundraising result same day in St Peter's Street: Stall £168.90, Donations £54.60, Tombola £99.00 Total £322.50. Many thanks to Georgia and everyone who helped throughout the year.
Hotel Makes Owner's Day

It was just a normal afternoon on the Derby Branch Catline when the volunteer on duty got a call from an employee at the Derby City Days Inn Hotel.
JERRYShe had seen a cat in their car park for three days and was starting to wonder if it was lost. He was quite distinctive, a ginger and white male, with one eye and a red collar. So she gave it some sausages and water as it was obviously starving. She then had the presence of mind to look on the Branch website’s Lost and Found Section and was amazed and very pleased to find a cat that had been lost way back in June from Allestree with this exact description.
Our volunteer immediately contacted the owner and left a message on his voicemail. Some time later, he arrived at the hotel’s car park and the cat immediately came running to him when he heard his voice.
Jerry is now back home with his companion, Arthur, and being spoilt rotten. Where he had been all that time we will never know but we think he had got into a van and travelled all the way across the City before jumping out. 
It’s so nice to have a happy ending for a change. 
Three operations
Over the past few months our branch has paid for three complicated operations on cats which were all successful.
In June, a woman in Nottingham reported to us that a kitten she had recently adopted from a family in Derby was found to have a broken leg, which had happened before she adopted it. She had been told the operation would be very costly, and she was regretfully considering putting the kitten to sleep because she couldn’t afford it. We negotiated a better price with the vet and the operation was successful.The kitten (Oscar - pictured right) is now undergoing a few weeks cage rest in a puppy pen the new owner has borrowed from us.
In July, vets in Chaddesden asked us for help with funding for a cat found injured in a main road. The cat had several breaks in her pelvis and it was possible the x-rays could show that the damage was too great for surgery to be undertaken. However, surgery went ahead and after a while the vet finally said the cat seemed to be recovering her full functions, so she is now receiving cage rest with one of our volunteers. Posters had been put up in the area of the accident but no owner came forward and the cat will eventually go to the Adoption Centre for rehoming.
Poor Gordon was involved in a road traffic accident and, as he was a stray, it was a little while before a member of the public became aware of his plight and kindly took him to the vets to see if they could help. He was taken to St. Leonard's Vets and their first thought was that his jaw was so badly injured that there wouldn’t be anything they could do for him, making it very unlikely that it would heal properly.
After discussions with Cats Protection, it was decided that he would be given painkillers and antibiotics and kept warm and comfortable to see how he progressed over the weekend. Gordon had made quite an improvement in those two days and the vets were able to see the area which was damaged, so it was decided to go ahead with the operation to repair his jaw. Part of the operation involved a procedure called osteostixis, which this particular vet had not done before, so Gordon was a bit of a first.
He spent a couple of weeks recovering and became a real favourite with the staff for the way he had fought through his difficulties and his winning personality. He was then well enough to go to his fosterers for a bit more 'tlc'.
His fosterers were amazed by how well he looked considering all he’d been through. He was a fantastic cat to look after, always ready to pop out of whichever bed he was resting in to come out for a chat. He loved to lie alongside the fosterers with his head on their knee discussing the issues of the day. 
After three or four weeks, a couple of vet check ups and his vaccinations he was all ready to go and was sent up to the Adoption Centre at Long Lane from where has now been rehomed. 
Each of these operations was costly, and any Cats Protection members who would like to make a donation towards the cost of these and any possible further operations are welcome to contact our Catline on 01332 206956. 
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