Welcome to the Derby and District branch of Cats Protection.

Sherlocks on the trail.

A cat owner in Derby was delighted to get her old, blind cat back after a bit of detective work by Cats Protection.  A false trail was originally followed in Chaddesden because of the details on the microchip, but this was followed up quickly with further investigation by Gwyneth & Georgia and the cat was returned to her grateful owner.

Appeal for George's veterinary bills.

Derby and District Branch would like to thank everyone who contributed to the appeal to help with the cost of blind George’s vet bill.  We were overwhelmed by your generosity which came to staggering £3,119. George has found a wonderful ‘forever’ home with a young reporter who works for the Derby Telegraph. They are absolutely besotted with each other and she has sent us many photos and videos of them playing together. He now has a smart harness and lead for outings in the back garden. 
We have been having a few very bad cases recently and this has restored our faith in human nature so, once again, many thanks.

George settles in his new home.

George%44 a blind cat
We are delighted to announce that George has found a new home with Derby Telegraph reporter Ella Rhodes. Ella says that he has settled in well, and quickly found his food bowl and litter tray. His hearing is exceptionally acute and even enables him to catch flies!
Ginger George was found in a cat lover's garden in Derby in a distressed state.  It was quickly identified that he was blind in both eyes and that he had probably been dumped. He needed a great deal of veterinary treatment and nursing to make him well. 

Yvonne Beech receives award of flowers for help with cat.
Yvonne Beech receives bouquet
All Things Local has joined forces with Beverley Kennedy (pictured) from Floraline, Gregory’s Way in Belper, to offer readers the chance to show their appreciation for a fellow member of the community.
The recipient of this issue’s bouquet is Yvonne Beech of Belper, nominated by Jackie & Alistair Blackett also of Belper. Here’s their nomination:
Yvonne has supported us through the adoption of and subsequent loss of a small black male older kitten called Kitt. She volunteers for Cats Protection and doesn’t even claim her extensive mileage from them. She is very personable and practical and is devoted to what she does. She responds to calls from the local public in Amber
Valley who have found, lost, wish to adopt and give away a cat. She comes across issues of cat abuse and has to deal with some unsavoury characters in the process. She has been available to us by phone, text and visits whenever we have needed her and she has gone above and beyond the call of duty in supporting us through a tough experience. She has always given us good, sound advice. The cat was subsequently stolen and abandoned sadly. We do not know if he is alive or dead. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.
Alistair & Jackie Blackett.

Wirksworth Shop Celebrates its 20th Birthday
Wirksworth CP shop volunteers

On April 23rd 2013 the Wirksworth CP shop celebrated its 20th birthday. The shop window was suitably dressed and an open invitation displayed inviting members of the public to join us in our celebrations. Customers and volunteers enjoyed refreshments, including a specially baked Cats Protection cake. Celia, who initiated the founding of the shop, cut the cake. We were also joined by Sonny, the area retail manager, and Vickie,the retail and training manager from CP HQ.